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gabi.arts - gabi 💛💖🌻 1 month ago
gabi.arts - gabi 💛💖🌻

My family is full of artists and we used to play this game all the time. it is called “Magnificent Corpse”. Your welcome.

merisuola66 - Kyrsä66 1 month ago
merisuola66 - Kyrsä66

I used to play this with my grandma and my sister but my grandma died and my sister moved away🥺

alfredodagamerr - AlfredoDaGamerYT 1 month ago
alfredodagamerr - AlfredoDaGamerYT

My mom showed me how to do that when I was little but we divided it into 3, 1 person makes the legs,another person does the body and another the head!

angel2213 - Jess 1 month ago
angel2213 - Jess

This is a legit art game called “exquisite corpse”, we played it in my drawing class.

e90_b - Ben 1 month ago
e90_b - Ben

Used to do this but split into 3, head/body/legs

knifeknifecow - bruh 1 month ago
knifeknifecow - bruh

When I was studying abroad, we did this exact thing, and it counted as a test grade!

bruncheater - [REDACTED] 1 month ago
bruncheater - [REDACTED]

It’s called “exquisite corpse” for people who are wondering. It’s an old game from victorian era and earlier.

deaxum1 - Deaxum 1 month ago
deaxum1 - Deaxum

I used to do this but with more folds and on napkins while waiting for food at restaurants

makrobar - makrobar 1 month ago
makrobar - makrobar

i used to do this with a friend of mine when i was in high school! it’s so fun!

thelyingrat - .... 1 month ago
thelyingrat - ....

me and my friends in theater did this and now the paper with our creation is stapled to the wall...

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